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Selected Client List

Novartis, East Hanover, NJ

Documentation for standardized procedures at Novartis Business Services had become outdated and was frequently ignored.  Projects, especially change management efforts, had become inconsistent and less effective. Working with divisional leaders and site heads across the United States, our team created and documented best practices and implemented standardized project management and change management procedures throughout the enterprise.

The Cheese Guy, Inc., Yonkers, NY

"My sales are increasing, why are we not making more money?"  This complaint is very common among growing firms. The Cheese Guy's sales grew faster than their management systems, and this growth put a lot of pressure on an already stressed supply chain.  When this growth affected the cash flow and the customers, it was time to make a change.  First we identified and isolated the problem:  Inefficiencies had gradually transformed into missed orders.  The key players in the organization mapped the entire delivery process, found the sources of the errors and then developed several simple, easy to implement corrective actions.  The Cheese Guy team reduced the time it takes to get their products to market, and the order accuracy has dramatically improved.

Fordham University, Gabelli School of Business, New York, NY

"We've learned the theory and the academics, but what's it really like? How do I show the interviewer that I know consulting?"  MBA students at Fordham's business school were competing for consulting jobs and needed an advantage.  Students learn strategy and theory in school, but aren't taught the "nitty-gritty" and consulting skills they need to satisfy consulting clients.  We delivered a two-day workshop where students learned tools such at stakeholders analysis, process mapping, root cause analysis and value-based selling.  After completing our Client Ready Consulting® workshop, students were much better prepared for their interviews and first jobs.

Suncor Energy, Inc., Calgary, AB

​Suncor’s senior management wanted to reduce the risk of catastrophic incidents and also reduce down-time due to loss of containment.  We needed a method to improve the on-site actions as well as a set of metrics to help the senior executives understand the risks and better deploy resources.  First, we developed a scalable method to improve the process safety systems at one location, then we deployed the same method throughout the entire enterprise.  The original site went on to receive the President’s Award for process safety improvement.  Next, we helped a client team develop a set of customized, leading metrics which Suncor managers use to monitor and continually reduce the risks in their operations.

Baltimore Gas Electric, Baltimore, MD

BGE was experiencing too many employee injuries.  The actions they had taken, although well intentioned, were not coordinated and did not solve the problem.  The first step in our engagement was to train the senior executives.  Next we helped them develop a clear vision of final outcome, identify what management systems were broken, and then create a plan to fix these problems.  Once we had a clear strategy, we facilitated client teams tasked with improving Incident Investigations and Safety Observations.  In both cases, a very detailed and thorough assessment led us to develop new systems instead of improving what was in place.  After implementation, BGE has sustained a 50% reduction in its injury rate.

Entertainment Establishment (Undisclosed), State College, PA

This establishment’s financing didn’t align with its long term goals.  We developed a financial strategy along with a business plan and pro-forma financial statements, then helped the client move to a more appropriate financing model.  The company saved $100,000 per year in cash flow, and was further set up for other opportunities.

Masterpiece Ice Cream Company, Raleigh, NC

In four months my team wrote a business plan, secured financing and began operating.  The creation of this company helped me expand my knowledge base from food science and biochemistry to include operations and business management.  After several years of growing both revenue and profit, I sold the company and began using my knowledge to help other business owners.

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